Lyreco For Education

Lyreco For Education

When a child goes to school a Nation grows!

Started in 2008, the Lyreco For Education programme raises funds from the 26 Lyreco countries to give children living in poor conditions a better access to education.

Key figures:

  • 5 countries supported
  • 72,800 children enrolled in schools*
  • 161 schools built*
  • 1,741,628 € collected & delivered to NGOs

* some actions were led with the "Agence Française de Développement" (French Development Agency)

Together to raise funds

Spend time & collect money belong to the company culture and all employees are involved in getting money from 3 ways:
  • Marketing operations with our customers & suppliers participation, such as: X products bought = 1€ collected for LFE!
  • Internal events: hot dog, book, cake sales, second hand market, karaoke, Christmas market..., the employees from all over the subs organise and take part in local LFE actions
  • Donations: ad hoc or monthly cash donations from employees. The sums donated are then doubled by Lyreco
For each project, we select an international NGO focusing on children education, and a specific action plan is defined based on objectives depending on the local context. The final goal of each project is to maintain our actions on a lifelong perspective. For that, a local steering committee, with teachers, heads of the village and parents, is set up in each village and thus they are responsible of their own education project. 


                         2015 - 2018 Madagascar

  • 17,000 children supported
  • 32 schools supported
The action plan is built around 4 objectives:
  • To rebuild and renovate school facilities
  • To improve the quality of education by training teachers and equipping schools
  • To increase the awareness and involvement of parents regarding the importance of school
  • To focus on disaster prevention for future cyclones


                    Click here to watch the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Togo field trip movies.

                2011-2014 Togo  1,200,000€ collected

  • 60,000 children supported
  • 200 primary schools, 58 early-childhood centres & 4 secondary schools supported
  • 49 schools built
  • 165 school directors & 225 teachers trained
  • 750 mothers involved in mothers' clubs
  • 3,332 students have access to IT equipment
Click here to see the maps of our project in Kara and Savannah regions.


                      2010 Brazil   277,600€ collected

  • 3,000 children supported
  • 11 schools supported
  • 64 teachers trained



                     2009 Vietnam 188,000€ collected

  • 2,300 children supported
  • 20 schools

                 2008 Bangladesh   175,000€ collected

  • 8,400 children supported
  • 50 early-childhood centres