Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics
Lyreco's growth has always been shaped around its 4 core values:

Passion, Excellence, Respect and Agility

These values will continue to be the fundamentals on which we want to build our future and it is important that every Lyreco employee and every supplier understands the way we want to do business and how we want to achieve this success. Lyreco formalised their ethical principles through 2 distinct documents that we want to see applied in the company.

Employee Code of Ethics

Ethical principles are the responsibility of each employee in the company. They have to follow and to apply these rules during their daily operations and contacts with third parties. Lyreco expects each employee to know the principles included in the "Lyreco Code of Ethics" and to apply them. Lyreco will never accept illegal or unethical practices in our organisation.

Supplier Code of Ethics

Lyreco strives to select suppliers who maintain a commitment to strong ethical standards. The "Supplier Code of Ethics" provides a foundation for Lyreco and its suppliers to build and maintain relationships based on fairness, trust, respect of the rights of individuals, compliance with the law, and sustainable business practices.